Corona-scammers preying on financially-challenged HK youth

Business | 14 Jul 2020 7:36 pm

Financially-challenged Hong Kong youth in the age group of 26 to 40 years are just as vulnerable to online scammers as the elderly.

A survey by TransUnion, a leading consumer credit information company, in Hong Kong, found that 30 percent of those questioned, said they had been targeted by online fraudsters preying on those financially vulnerable due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey aimed to understand the impacts of the coronavirus on consumers.

TransUnion surveyed 9,215 adults in the United States, Canada, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, South Africa and the U.K. during the week of April 13.

“A common assumption is that fraudsters target older generations who are perceived to be less digitally capable,” said Marie Claire Lim Moore, Chief Executive of TransUnion Hong Kong.

“Our data showed the opposite, with over a third of Hong Kong millennials saying they had been targeted by digital fraud, compared to just over a fifth, or 22 percent, for Baby Boomers [aged 56-76]. Adding insult to injury, our survey found Hong Kong millennials are one of the groups being financially challenged the most during the pandemic.”


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