Wuhan says 59 infected with viral pneumonia as of last Wednesday, 166 under surveillance

China | 6 Jan 2020 9:18 am

Chinese health authorities in Wuhan said yesterday that the number of patients suffering from a mystery pneumonia in the city in Hubei province has now jumped to 59, up from 44 infected people reported on Friday.

"As of 8:00 a.m. on January 1, 2020, the [Wuhan Wuhan Municipal] health commission was informed of 59 pneumonia cases, of which seven were in critical condition. All the 59 patients are alive and being treated in hospitals," the commission said on its website, the state broadcaster's global TV network, CGTN reports.
The number of cases classified as ‘severe’ has dropped from 11 to seven.

A wet market where wild animlas including snakes and rabbit organs were sold, and which is at the center of the sickness was shut down earlier.
The Wuhan Municipal Health Commission said the virus causing the outbreak remains unidentified, but initial investigations have so far ruled out SARS, bird flu and MERS.
It said the earliest known infection was known on December 12, and in the most recent case, the patient showed symptoms on December 29. More than 160 close contacts are being monitored, as authorities chase down more people who may have been exposed.
The commission added that there is still no evidence of human-to-human transmission, and no medical personnel have been infected thus far.

Epidemiological investigations revealed that some patients are business operators at a local seafood wholesale market in Wuhan, Hong Kong's Center for Health Protection says citing Wuhan authorities.

 According to the World Health Organization, the reported link of this cluster of pneumonia of unknown aetiology to a wholesale fish and live animal market could indicate an exposure link to animals. 

In Hong Kong, eight more, including a nine-year-old boy, nine, and a two-year-old girl, have been admitted by noon yesterday. They had been to Wuhan in the 14 days before showing symptoms of respiratory infection or pneumonia.

Singapore has so far isolated a three-year-old girl from China.-RTHK/The Standard 


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