Corrosive liquid attack wounds 51 Yunnan children

China | 12 Nov 2019 4:20 pm

More than 50 people, mostly children, were injured by a man who broke into a kindergarten in southwestern Yunnan province and sprayed them with corrosive liquid, local authorities said.

The suspect, a 23-year-old surnamed Kong, entered the kindergarten by climbing a wall before spraying victims with sodium hydroxide, said local authorities in Kaiyuan city, Yunnan province.

Caustic soda -- also known as sodium hydroxide -- is used in the manufacturing of a number of common products, including soap, paper, and various dyes. According to the United States' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, exposure to caustic soda can irritate or burn the eyes and skin, provoke an allergic reaction, or even cause temporary hair loss.

The attack took place yesterday at 3:35 pm, authorities said on their Weibo account.

Some 51 children and three teachers were admitted to hospital for treatment, two with "severe symptoms.'' 

Police arrested Kong less than an hour after the attack.

"Because his parents divorced during his childhood, the lack of family warmth resulted in psychological distortion," said local authorities, adding that Zhang's work and life were unsatisfactory as well. All this created a "pessimistic mentality and thoughts about retaliating against society", they said.-AFP/CNN


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