UN chief praises China's US$125b renewable energy investments

China | 26 Apr 2019 1:16 pm

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says China’s Belt and Road initiative offers a chance to help reverse the effects of climate change.

Speaking today at the Beijing forum, Guterres praised China for investments of more than US$125 billion on renewable energy in 2017, saying they played a pivotal role in securing an agreement at last year’s U.N. Climate Conference in Poland.

The scale of planned Belt and Road investments, “offers a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the creation of a more equitable, prosperous world for all, and to reversing the negative impact of climate change,” Guterres said.

The U.N. wants to align the Belt and Road with its sustainable development goals, Guterres said.

Some critics note that Belt and Road projects include coal-fired power plants that can worsen climate change.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan hailed “substantial progress” in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a key element in China’s Belt and Road infrastructure initiative.

Addressing the Beijing forum today, Khan said Pakistan’s electricity supplies had increased “massively” under the plan.

He said Pakistan was looking forward to the project, known as CPEC, moving into its next phase focusing on “social uplift,” poverty alleviation, agriculture and industry, including the opening of special economic zones.

He said Pakistan also wants to sign an expanded free trade agreement with China.

He said relations between the two countries are “strong, resilient, unbreakable.”

Financially troubled Pakistan has borrowed billions of dollars from China in recent years through loans whose terms remain largely undisclosed.

China has pledged more than US$60 billion to Pakistan in loans and investments for roads, ports, power plants and industrial parks.

Also, Malaysian Prime Minister said he is “fully in support” of China’s Belt and Road initiative, after his government decided to resume a China-backed rail link project once the Chinese contractor agreed to cut the cost by one-third.

Addressing the forum today, Mahathir sought to erase doubts about Malaysia’s desire to take part in the massive infrastructure juggernaut.

“I am fully in support of the Belt and Road initiative,” Mahathir said. “I am sure my country, Malaysia, will benefit from the project.”-AP


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