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Business | 4 Nov 2019 6:00 pm

Global Sources’ fashion trade show held earlier in October showcased a plethora of trending and stylish products.

What we choose to put on our backs is the easiest way to showcase our individuality. But while it is important for clothes to be fashionable, we can’t deny that their practicality is equally important.

Flourish Innovative Textile Co. Ltd.’s Sweat Proof Undershirt and line of cooper infused nylon products combine fashion with great utility. By infusing copper into the fabric, the products not only provide comfortable support for muscles and joints, but also improve circulation and oxygenation, aiding muscle recovery and helping relieve stiffness and aches.

Furthermore, fabrics with copper are also bacteria killers, eliminating more than 99% of MRSA, Pneumonia Bacteria, and Candida. This allows a myriad of benefits including the effective isolation of infections, reducing the resistance of bacteria, improving skin texture and aiding wound-healing as well as easing allergies due to a lower count of bacteria.

Its Sweat Proof Undershirt embodies all these benefits and more. Aside from the anti-bacterial cooper infused layer, it also incorporates a water repellent layer and air-breathing membrane, making the shirt super comfortable even if worn for long durations. The shirts can be custom fitted and comes in various colors from black and white to grey or nude, suiting various tastes.

Come fall, temperature drops, and many are looking for a change in wardrobe. U-Jump Arts & Crafts Co. Ltd. features a range of products that are great for the cooler months. For headwear, there are stylish seawool hats, fur hats, and beanies while for neckwear, there are chic scarves, neck warmers and balaclavas.

Its footwear and hats for children are particularly popular. For footwear there are cute bear and cow indoor slippers as well as different furry boots and socks. The children hats are colourfully designed featuring adorable animals such as Winnie-the-Pooh and white bunnies, keeping you and your loved ones warm and cozy.

Funtex Holding Co. Ltd. specializes in apparels, including sleepwear and loungewear. For robes and dressing gowns there are more mature options such as chiffon, snuggle fleece and shearling lining. Other options suitable for all ages include coral fleece, cationic fleece, and foil print gowns with cartoon unicorn and goat designs.

For onesies and jumpsuits there are even more options. Designs include tiger, Santa, and bear, and are made extra comfortable for snuggling. Flannel fleece jackets and cardigans are both fashionable and versatile and can be worn at various occasions. Which ones are your favourite?

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