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Business | 1 Nov 2019 11:42 am

Check out these trending products featured at Global Sources’ trade show earlier in October that will transform the way you use your smart phone.

In today’s digital age, smart phones are almost a part of our lives. We not only use our phones to communicate with each other, but also for entertainment and to capture precious moments in life.

Coosea Group (HK) Co. Ltd.’s F3 R smartphone features the world’s highest megapixel camera. Boasting a 108 MP quality, the phone’s camera is created with the world’s top vision technology supplier ArcSoft and their advanced camera algorithm, allowing the phone to capture ultra-high quality pictures up to 12,000*9024 pixels with intricate details clearly visible even after a 34 times zoom.

Aside from its 48MP Wide-Angle Triple Camera with Macro Shot, the phone is also competitive in other aspects. Inside it is a MTK Helio P60 Ota-Core 2.0Ghz processor, giving the phone quick process times and allowing advanced functions such as NFC and Face ID identification. Its screen is a generous 6.3” FHD+Waterdrop display with a 90.7% screen-to-body ratio. Lastly, no-one really wants to carry around extra battery storage with them just in case their phone dies, which is why F3 R also has a quick charge option, and can be charged wirelessly for convenience.

With a great phone, you need a great case. Rock Space’s Transparent Guard Pro is made with optical backboard with UV mesh points which avoids watermarking, all the while preserving the phone’s original beauty, compatible with 5.8”, 6.1” and 6.5” iPhones. Want to give your phone a bit of personality? Try one of the company’s Mobile Phone Back Membrane. Diverse styles from licensed, high-definition photos are available for choosing from popular IP action hero photos to cutesy cartoon characters, so you are bound to find one that will perfectly match your style.

Cosmetic aside, the membranes are also of great quality, and are dirt, water and scratch resistant. They also feature a special air release technology which allows them to automatically release trapped air bubbles for the best appearance, and are eco-friendly, leaving behind no residue.

When you are trying to capture beautiful moments as you travel, or simply to take a selfie but just can’t find the stability or a good angle, Hohem Technology Co. Ltd.’s iSteadyMobile is perfect for you. Unlike traditional selfie stricks, it has a 3-axis stabilizing gimbal which allows users to not only attach their phone to the product, but also rotate 600 degrees with its inception mode. Other functions include visual auto-tracking, zoom control and motion time-lapse, and it even has a sport mode for you to capture all those thrilling moments that was previously impossible to do so.

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