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Business | 29 Oct 2019 11:45 am

Global Sources Consumer Electronics earlier in this October showcased a variety of truly amazing products that are new to the market.

The beauty industry today is increasingly advanced, with products that can completely transform our skin readily available. But with so many products to choose from, the question of how we distinguish what products our skin truly needs remains.

Lillycover Co. Ltd. has created Muilli to solve this problem. Muilli performs skin diagnosis and gives the user a tailored treatment plan for daily skin care that takes into account of the environment they are in. It is a hand-held device which is coupled with a sensor and camera to diagnose skin condition real-time.

The camera enlarges 60 times to provide accurate results, and the treatment method can be sent to the user through a mobile app. Furthermore, it is also able to give users a 3-step atmospheric plasma massage to promote better skin quality.

Most millennials today own multiple digital devices, and these emit light that can disrupt a person’s biological clock which may have great impact on their lives. Shenzhen Smart Spectra Co. Ltd. invented the Smart Spectra – the world’s first dual-color light-based bioclock wearable.

Made based on the latest research results of international advanced physiology and medicine, the glasses have 2 modes – energy and sleep. Energy mode emits green light that stimulates the retina and promotes the production of corticoids and inhibits the secretion of melatonin, making people alert and energetic during the day.

Sleep mode emits red light which promotes secretion of melatonin, helping users fall asleep quicker and have a higher quality rest, allowing them to feel revitalized and rejuvenated in the morning. The glasses are a great tool for a variety of people, especially those who require to work shifts, frequent flyers, and insomnia sufferers.

Finally, Bosch’s Copilot dashboard revolutionizes the passenger experience. Usually, a car’s dashboard is focused on the driver, and the passenger has no involvement. However, with Copilot, the passenger also gets to review stats of the vehicle, giving the driver verbal reminders if needed. Stats shown include vehicle speed, date and time, fuel level, driving time, data such as maximum and average speed, and more.

The product also balances the dashboard design of vehicles, so both sides are more alike aesthetically speaking. Furthermore, users can even customize the image shown on the dashboard to show personalized messages or visuals. If your loved ones have a birthday, or it is the anniversary of your wedding, Copilot can show intimate or congratulatory messages for an extra special day.

Global Sources Lifestyle x Fashion

Date: Oct 27-30, 2019

Venue: AsiaWorld Expo

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