Communist mouthpiece laments Trump's drumbeat

Business | 31 Jul 2019 12:17 pm

A commentary in the Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece People's Daily complained that as the Shanghai talks started, "the drums of some Americans struck again on the side, disturbing the main melody.'' This appeared to refer to comments tweeted by US President Donald Trump on Tuesday,

"Whatever shred of optimism markets had about the ongoing trade negotiations were dealt as a severe blow when President Trump flew off the handle again at China for not buying American agricultural products," said Stephen Innes, managing partner at VM Markets Singapore, AFP reports.

 "[The tweets show] Trump seems eager to get a deal, that shows his weakness," said Shanghai-based professor Shen Dingli. 

Days before the Shanghai meeting, Trump threatened to pull recognition of China's developing nation status at the World Trade Organization, which Beijing  called "arrogance.'' 
Resuming trade negotiations is still seen as positive -- even if little of substance is expected.

"The short duration of the current meeting to me suggests that this is exploratory," said J. Michael Cole, a Taipei-based senior fellow with the 
Global Taiwan Institute in Washington.  "It signals that no major breakthroughs are expected and that the expectations of achievements are modest at best, which might be a wise thing given the acrimonious nature of the relationship at present." 

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