Home is not perfect: Paul Chan urges HKers to stay

Monday, September 27, 2021

Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po said he is concerned about Hongkongers' mass emigration, and said there is a lot of potential for those who stay.

Chan announced the Report on Hong Kong's Business Environment: A Place with Unique Advantages and Unlimited Opportunities this afternoon (Sep 27).

He said Hong Kong is everyone's home. While not every home is perfect, family members should help and support each other.

The city has gone through some difficult moments, but it has overcome the obstacles and faces a bright future ahead. Those who stay in Hong Kong will have good opportunities, said Chan who called upon people to treasure those chances.

The report says riots in 2019 and economic suppression by the United States had made a big impact on Hong Kong's economy.

But following the implementation of national security law, things have moved back on track and business environment has been restored, creating good conditions for the economy to rebound after the pandemic.

The central government's efforts in changing Hong Kong's electoral system lay good foundation for the city's long term stability and economic development, the report stated.

Chan said his release of the report has nothing to do with the Chief Executive election in March next year. As a financial secretary, he has the responsibility to tell the story of Hong Kong and make clarifications in the face of smearing and misunderstanding.

The report will help foreign businessmen and think tanks know more about situations in Hong Kong, he said.