Now is the best time to complete Article 23 legislation: Chris Tang

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Secretary for Security Chris Tang Ping-keung said now is the best time to complete the legislation of Article 23 of Basic Law, expecting the enactment to come as soon as next year.

Speaking on a radio program this morning, Tang mentioned the “black terror” and activities that endanger national security in the past two years. He believed citizens now know better how foreign countries use their agents to endanger national security and affect people's daily lives.

The risk is not completely eliminated even now that the national security law has been imposed, Tang pointed out. Hong Kong must complete legislation to enact Article 23 of Basic Law, in order to regulate areas not covered by the national security law, including spying activities, he added.

Tang said the government is now drafting the blueprint of the Article 23 and working on other preparation works. Yet there are only two months left in this term of the Legislative Council and it would be difficult to complete relevant procedures in such short time, he added.

The security chief expected the legislation would be completed in the next term of the Legislative Council, stressing that the new term of government after the election won't have any impact on the legislation works.

On the disbandment of the June 4 vigil alliance, Tang replied that police asked the alliance for additional information with powers under article 43 of the national security law. Officers also provided relevant facts and evidence following their request as well.

Police will then report to the Chief Executive and executive council, who will then decided on whether to cancel the company registration of the alliance. Tang emphasized that an organization still have to shoulder it legal responsibilities of any crime committed even it is disbanded.

He also warned citizens that anyone trying to separate Taiwan from China may breach the national security law, ahead of the “Double Ten” National Day of Taiwan.