Student Politicism announces disbandment after leaders arrested

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Student Politicism announced official disbandment on Friday night, saying there is no room for the organization to operate anymore.

In a statement published on Facebook, the group said they announced the disbandment due to “the lack of foreseeable space” for them to continue their mission.

“All relevant operations will cease to continue, all members and volunteers will be dismissed,” they continued.

They also thanked Hongkongers who have been showing support along the way and wished everyone safe and sound.

On Monday, national security police arrested convenor Wong Yat-chin, 20, former secretary general Chan Chi-sum, 20, and former spokesperson Chu Wai-ying, 18. Two days later officers also arrested spokesperson Wong Yuen-lam.

They were charged with conspiring to incite subversion of state power, as officers said they distributed materials to incite hatred against the government and attract support of inmates by providing them gifts such as chocolates and other snacks.