Transformers' Megatron scolds tourist who gives him the finger

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Transformers' Megatron called a tourist who gave him the finger “dirty human being”, and said he did not want to take a picture with him. 

At Universal Studio's Beijing resort, the young man showed Megatron the middle finger as he approached the character. He then asked to take a picture with him.

He was shocked when Megatron hit back: “That is so impolite. Didn't your parents teach you? Stupid man. Dirty human being. Go back, I don't want to take picture with you.”

The video of their exchanges has gone viral on the internet.

Universal Studio explained that a staff controlled the character's voice from backstage.

The staff came up with the “dirty human” quote in order to match Megatron's character in the movies. It is not supposed to be derogatory.

There is no rules to ban tourists from doing indecent acts against characters, and they won't be black listed. But surrounding staff would try to stop them from doing so.

Universal Studios' Beijing resort opened its doors on September 20 to the public after a two-decade wait, including delays because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The park will be US-based Universal's largest and its fifth globally. It is also a first for Beijing, which lacks a big branded theme park to rival the Disney resorts in Shanghai and Hong Kong.