(Video) Taxi got stuck on Lugard Road

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

A taxi driver drove into the pedestrian-only part of Lugard Road at the Peak by mistake and struggled to squeeze through the narrow passageway. 

A video that went viral online on September 21 showed a cab accidentally entering Lugard Road while driving up to the Peak. It got stuck near the Public Observation Deck, and the car was scratched when it tried to squeeze its way through. 

The driver kept reversing and turning, only to make the vehicle hit the fences, leaving scratches on the car and its bumper to fall off. 

The taxi drove onto a backpack belonging to the person who filmed the video and the driver did not apologize. 

He tried to tell the driver about the surroundings, but the driver did not thank him for doing so. 

"Did the driver get his taxi license from (online shopping platform) Taobao?" The man asked. "Human beings always repeat the same mistakes."

He was referring to a previous incident where another taxi got stuck at the same spot. 

A netizen said that there is a "no drive-in" signage on the way but many people still miss it and drive into the section. 

Another netizen was unhappy about the mocking attitude of the man who filmed the video: "I want to see you drive the cab through."