(Video) Man "flips” in the air after hit by a taxi.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Do not jump a red light! A runner in Cheung Sha Wan was spotted jumping a red light and being hit by a taxi, causing him to flip in the air, according a vehicle dashcam footage uploaded online.

The incident took place around 8am this morning. The taxi was traveling along Hing Wah Street and was about to turn into Tung Chau Street. A man in sports outfit on the sidewalk suspectedly failed to pay attention to the traffic sign, which was showing a red light, and crossed the road.

The 59-year-old taxi driver, surnamed Lau could not apply the brakes in time and hit the man, causing him to flip in the air before landing. The man was later found to be a 49-year-old man surnamed Leung.

Leung saw his head and limbs injured. He was admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital in conscious state. A six-year-old girl in the taxi felt pain in her chest and was admitted to Caritas Medical Centre.

Many netizens commented their thoughts, saying the incident took place because Leung didn't comply with the traffic rules.

“He would have died if that was a truck instead of a taxi,” one said.

Another suspected Leung was one of those cheaters in the Mainland where they pretend to be hit by vehicles and try to claim compensation from the drivers. “It was weird that the man looked at the taxi before crossing the road... He did that on purpose.”

Some defended the man, saying he was probably misled by the woman on the other side who also jumped the red light and crossed the road.