Reconsider if Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union could represent you, says Kevin Yeung

Thursday, August 05, 2021

Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung sent a letter to all teachers in the city, urging them to carefully consider the remarks and deeds by the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union, and to think hard on whether the union can truly represent them. 

Yeung in the letter said education profession is often hijacked by organizations that participate in politics using its name. 

These acts are also against the true purpose of education and ignore the well-being of students, Yeung said. 

These organizations even turn some students and teachers in criminal, causing them to end up in jail, damaging the reputation of education profession, he added. 

Yeung also believed that the union is not the only one that can offer the information, services or assistance that teachers need. 

For example, he said, the complaints transferred from the union will not be taken special care of, and the bureau treats all cases equally, regardless of where these cases come from. 

The union was earlier attacked by state-run media, which described it as a “poisonous tumor” that must be eliminated.  

The Education Bureau on the same day cut all ties with the union, saying it is no different from a political organization. The bureau also said it will no longer recognize the union as a professional education body.