TVB reporter Kelly Chan apologizes for ruining interview with Olympic gold medalist Edgar Cheung

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Hong Kong’s 24-year-old Edgar Cheung Ka-long claimed the city’s second-ever Olympic gold medal yesterday in men’s foil individual event. With Hong Kong overwhelmed in joy, netizens, however, were triggered by a TVB reporter who they said have “ruined” the post-match interview.

TVB reporter Kelly Chan Yeuk-lam was among a group of Hong Kong reporters in Tokyo to witness Cheung’s historic win, and is the first to talk to Cheung in a post-match interview.

Just as Cheung approached the reporters ready to answer queries, Chan beat everyone to it and screamed out her “love confession”.

“You are the pride of Hong Kong! What do you want to say to Hongkongers with all of them watching the live broadcast? I like you so much! What should I do?”

Not only did Chan suddenly confess to Cheung in front of the live broadcast, but she also interrupted Cheung several times during the interview.

Chan at one point even cut off Cheung’s thank you speech to his coaches.

Cheung, despite the interruption and embarrassment by Chan, still managed to answer other reporters’ questions and share with everyone his joy of winning gold in the event.

Netizens slammed Chan for being unprofessional, saying “she talks even more than the gold medalist himself, what on earth is she thinking?”

Netizens made a list of what Chan has said during the interview, including “I have been in tears among the audience when you win”, “I am so proud of you, people told me to give you a flying kiss after you have won, but I cannot do so due to social distancing, haha!” etc.

Netizens also swarmed Chan’s social media accounts after the interview, denouncing her for being an “unprofessional journalist”.

Chan later said in a post on her Instagram, insisting that she think there was no problem with her interview style.

However, she deleted the post in the early hours today, seemingly unable to withstand the huge amount of negative feedback she received.

But Chan apologized later today for her “immature and unprofessional” behavior.

In a handwritten letter posted on Facebook and Instagram, Chan said she asked inappropriate questions because she was so excited, and apologized to the audience, Cheung, and her company TVB.

“Thanks for everyone’s valuable opinion and guidance. I will remember it and work hard to become a professional host and I will not let you down again,” she said.