Indian man and Filipino woman plead guilty to providing false information

Monday, June 21, 2021

An Indian man, who first carried the mutated virus strain into local community, and his Filipino female friend pleaded guilty to providing false information when health officials were tracing their whereabouts.

Syed Mohamed Rizvi, 30 and Victoria Marie Alcaide Guadiz, 31, pleaded guilty to seven counts of giving false information to authorized officers and failing to give information to authorized officers this morning at Kowloon City Magistrates' Courts.

The two was remanded and will be sentenced on July 5.

When asked by health officials, Rizvi once denied he attended any gathering and said he forgot the itinerary of certain days. As for Guadiz, she denied she knew Rizvi and claimed she forgot the places she had been to as well.

The prosecution pointed out that Rizvi was the “patient zero” carrying N501Y variant in local community.

After a gathering held at Hing Wah (II) Estate in mid-April, in which the two attended, four relatives of Guadiz were infected. Five more were later found having caught the virus and the group saw a total of 11 people infected.

The incident caused authorities to send over thousands of people to quarantine centers and triggered a city-wide mandatory virus testing for all domestic helpers.

In mitigation, the defense said Rizvi hid his whereabouts after being infected only because he didn't want health officials to question his family members. The lawyer added that Rizvi was a visitor to the city and didn't know much about the locations of the places he had been to.

Guadiz on the other hand apologized to the public as she understood that the incident brought huge impact to the society and her behaviours put the lives of the public at risk.