Civil Human Rights Front not providing full info to police

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Civil Human Rights Front won't fully cooperate with the police in its probe of the protest organizer being an illegal society, convener Figo Chan Ho-wun said. 

Chan was sent a letter from the police, asking the front to provide answers in six major aspects --- including the protests it organized and the bank accounts it used.

Making a reply by the deadline today, Chan said he won't answer all the questions.

Figo Chan said that since the party was founded in 2002, it has been the communication platform for political parties, unions, and organizations. It also aimed to promote democracy and equality through hosting different events. 

He added that the party stands by the rule of being legal, peaceful, rational and non-violent, and always apply for the Letter of No Objection when hosting parades throughout the years. 

The party has always been cooperative with the police. The police also didn’t ask Civil Human Rights Front to register, nor have they ever warned or doubted whether the party is an illegal organization, according to Chan. 

The police once praised the party for being cooperative, and former chief executive Leung Chun-ying once called the party a “friend” after the July 1 parade in 2013. 

The party feels shocked for suspected violation of the Societies Ordinance, and challenged why Leung at that time called an illegal party a “friend”. 

The reply also quoted from Article 27 of the Basic Law, saying that ‘Hong Kong residents shall have freedom of association.” 

Civil Human Rights Front said that they won't fully cooperate with the police to provide all information requested, as they disagree that the party is illegal and disagree with the Societies Ordinance imposed by the Provisional Legislative Council.