Narcotics chief condemns promotion of marijuana use

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Ivy Law Chui Mei, the Commissioner for Narcotics, condemned people who encourage the use of marijuana after the Security Bureau found out more people are using the drug. 

She also criticized those who link the drug to overseas legalization, allowing marijuana to be used for recreational purposes. 

Law attended a Legislative Council committee meeting today, and said that most teenagers smoke marijuana in roll-up joints, instead of having cannabis candy and other similar products, when they first have access to the drug, as reported by the frontline workers. 

She added that commercial interest is involved in selling the drug. 

According to the Bureau, the number of drug abusers in the city decreased by 4 percent last year. Yet the number of drug abusers aged below 21 raised by 6 percent, and among them marijuana is the most commonly abused drug. 

Law also said that civil servants should mind their speeches and actions on this matter, after Wong Chun-yeung, a member of the Islands District Council, said on social media that he once used marijuana. 

She said the Bureau will strengthen education and promote information to youngsters through influencers in the future, as she referred to recognised reports and pointed out that marijuana is a dangerous drug and the harms it will bring to human bodies. 

Other lawmakers said that only 182 schools participated in the “Healthy School Programme”, experiencing only a 4 percent growth. Law replied and said that some parents worry that the drug testing arrangement within the scheme may label the kids, causing schools not to participate in the programme. 

Law emphasised that the concerned labelling effect is a wrong perception and more promotion will be imposed in the future.