Govt could invite Keung To to persuade people to get the jab, says health expert

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

A health expert suggested that the government could invite local celebrity Keung To to persuade people to get the jab amid the low take-up rate of the Covid vaccines.

Keung, 21, is part of a 12-member boy group - Mirror, which is made up of members in their 20s and early 30s, officially debuted for over a year with rapid-growing popularity.

Ho Pak-leung, the head of the University of Hong Kong's Centre for Infection, said the mutant strain is spreading globally at a fast pace, urging members of the public to get the jab as soon as possible.

The microbiologist suggested that the government invite celebrities and “influencers” with big social media followings - such as Keung To to persuade people to get the jab on their social media platforms.

Meanwhile, he urged those who have visited the Citygate mall in Tung Chung to get tested, after an Indian man who was infected with the mutant strain had visited the mall on April 11.

“The mutant virus may have transferred from second to third or even fourth generations of the infection,” he said.

“Authorities should speed up their contact tracing efforts like they were investigating a criminal case, review the CCTV footages to find out the source of transmission, and locate those who were at high risk of getting the virus.”