Indonesia to search for sub near oil spill site

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Indonesia’s navy ships are searching the waters where one of its submarines was last detected before it disappeared with 53 people on board, as neighboring countries are set to join the complex operation, AP reports.

The KRI Nanggala 402 was participating in a training exercise Wednesday when it missed a scheduled reporting call. Officials reported an oil slick and the smell of diesel fuel near the starting position of its last dive, about 96 kilometers (60 miles) north of the resort island of Bali.

Indonesia’s military said that five navy ships and a helicopter were taking part in the search while a hydro-oceanographic survey ship equipped with underwater detection capabilities is on its way to the site around the oil spills. Officials said they had not yet been linked to the missing submarine.

Rescue ships from Singapore and Malaysia are expected to arrive Saturday. The military said Australia, the United States, Germany, France, Australia, Russia, India and Turkey have also offered assistance.

Some worry that the area may be too deep to locate or retrieve the ship, suggesting potential challenges facing the search operation.