Coronavirus resurgence in multiple cities forces stay home order in mainland

Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Spring Festival travel rush obegins today in the mainlands, yet this is the first time that residents have been asked to celebrate the country's most important traditional holiday at their place of work or residence to support coronavirus control work amid sporadic cluster infections in multiple places.

More than 1,900 are infected with the virus disease across the country.

During the holiday, about 1.7 billion passenger trips are estimated, down by 40 percent from 2019. The data is 10 percent higher than that of 2020, the state media reported. 

China is facing pressure with domestic outbreaks and imported infections at the same time. The latest flare-ups of infections are in several regions, including north China's Hebei province, northeast Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces and Shanghai municipality, with the number of daily new infections continuing to increase.

In sharp contrast with previous years when ticket for train departing from big cities such as Beijing and Guangzhou are booked in seconds, the Global Times found tickets are plentiful, even for the busiest travel days. Air tickets are heavily discounted, with some routes 20 to 30 percent discounted.