Households at Shek Lei Interim Housing to be rehoused

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Housing Authority said 329 households currently reside in Shek Lei Interim Housing will be rehoused with the housing units expected to be cleared by the end of next year, making way for public housing development.

Among those affected, 103 of them will be rehoused to public rental housing directly, while 147 eligible households will be offered public rental housing before the target clearance date through the Anticipatory Housing Scheme.

The rest will be rehoused to Po Tin Interim Housing in Tuen Mun upon clearance, according to a Housing Authority spokesman.

Authorities said given the sizes of one-person and two-person flats in Shek Lei Interim Housing are comparatively larger than those of corresponding household flats in Po Tin Interim Housing, relevant one-person and two-person households who need to be rehoused were allowed to transfer one grade up to a unit of comparable size.

Households eligible for public housing allocation will also be accorded Green Form status and priority in flat selection in the upcoming Home Ownership Scheme or Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme before the target clearance date.