HK approves BioNTech vaccines

Monday, January 25, 2021

The Secretary for Food and Health has today authorized the use of the BioNTech vaccines distributed by Fosun Pharma.

An advisory panel on Covid-19 vaccines had previously announced that it would recommend the use of the vaccine to the Food and Health Bureau as the “efficacy outweighs its risks.

In view of the recommendation, the Food and Health Bureau has allowed the relevant vaccine to be put to use in Hong Kong for its vaccination program.

The bureau, however, had requested Fosun Pharma to fulfill conditions such as handing update reports on the vaccine’s safety, as well as quality certificates for each batch of vaccines manufactured.

According to Fosun Pharma, the production of the first million doses of vaccine have been completed and is currently undergoing safety and quality check. The jabs are expected to arrive in late February.

To monitor the possible adverse side effects of the vaccine, authorities said a new committee formed by the bureau would look into reports of vaccine-related health concerns after the vaccination program started.