A 89-year-old killed after hit-and-run in Tuen Mun

Monday, January 25, 2021

An 89-year-old grandmother died in a hit and run at a Tuen Mun village. 

Leung Tin Tsuen residents found a female villager lying in an open-air car park near San Hui light rail station at about 7 am. 

Police officers and aid workers arrived, but the woman, understood to be a grandmother, was then certified dead with head and hand injuries. 

Tire marks and an umbrella that was used as a cane were left at the scene.

Officers later found a Toyota private car with bloodstains in the same parking lot and took away the car camcorder, which showed that the woman was knocked down while the car was backing up. The victim may have also been run over. 

The car owner who lived nearby claimed that his friends had borrowed the private car. Although the owner tried to contact him after the accident, there was no reply.

The case was classified as a fatal car accident while the police believed that two to three men who were involved ran away after the car crash. 

Officers are now searching for the car drivers and checking the surveillance camera. Government chemists will also arrive at the scene for investigation.