Wholesaler frustrated over possible fruit market lockdown

Monday, January 25, 2021

A representative of the Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market today opposed the idea of putting the market under lockdown, stressing that there is no transmission within the market and workers will have no place to stay if trapped within.

The number of cases around the fruit market was on the rise with health officials reporting around 80 Covid cases from over two dozen buildings in the proximity.

Government adviser David Hui Shu-cheong suggested that nearby districts including the fruit market should be sealed off, arranging residents to undergo mandatory testing.

The president of the Kowloon Fruit & Vegetable Merchants Association, Cheung Chi-cheung, said the infections are far away from the fruit market, and a lockdown will make fruit wholesalers suffer.

“Fruits with a very short shelf life will likely go to waste if the market is suddenly put under lockdown, authorities should notify the wholesalers three to four days in advance to minimize their lost,” said Cheung.

He also said wholesalers have already reduced their stock these days in view of the possible lockdown.

He worried that if workers are being put under lockdown while working in the market, they will have no place to go as their home may not be in the same district.