It takes forever to align statutory holidays with general holidays, says govt labor advisers

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Government labor advisers today said they have never endorsed the government proposal of waiting until 2030 to give blue-collar workers the same number of public holidays as office staff.

They said the plan should be implemented sooner, in three years rather than 10.

The government submitted papers to the Legco last week, saying the Labour Advisory Board had reached a consensus over the plan of adding an extra holiday every two years - for a total of five in the next decade - with Buddha's Birthday possibly the first to be added next year.

One of the six labor representatives of the Labour Advisory Board, Bill Tang Ka-piu said the government is trying to bypass the board in tabling the package to Legco, saying this would set a bad precedent and damage the advisory body's legitimacy.

He also added that now that the government appears to be pushing through proposals that is not supported by the labor side, employers will have even bigger bargaining power on labor issues in the future.