Two men held after chasing two business persons for 13 kilometers

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Two men in a black Mercedes-Benz were arrested after tailing two business people at high speed through Repulse Bay Road and Kowloon streets early today. 

The two arrestees, including the driver of the black Mercedes-Benz -- 32-year-old porter, Lam, and 17-year-old unemployed man, Lai, were held outside Hung Hom’s Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hotel. 

They were learned to be members of the notorious Sun Yee On triad, sources said. 

Charges against them included possession of offensive weapons. The two had been detained for questioning as of today. 

But their accomplice, a man who also chased down the two business people in a pink Mercedes-Benz, remained at large. 

At 12.30 am, 29-year-old businessman, Chan, was behind the wheel of his Ferrari and heading along Repulse Bay Road towards Aberdeen with his friend, 28-year-old businesswoman, Chung, next to him after a late-night meeting at Repulse Bay’s residential development “The Lily”.

Shortly afterwards, three men in two Mercedes-Benzs tried to stop Chan and Chung in the Ferrari, during which the three pointed guns at the two. 

The frightened Chan then drove away, but the two cars kept chasing him and Chung down. 

He then reported to the police that they were chased by the two cars from behind, during which the pink Mercedes-Benz left the scene. 

On reaching Ko Shan Theater in To Kwa Wan, Chan made a U-turn and sped back to Tsim Sha Tsui East. 

At 12.44 am, after a 13-kilometer chase, police officers from the Emergency Unit Hong Kong Island stopped the black Mercedes-Benz at the roundabout on Metropolis Drive near Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hotel in Hung Hom. 

As seen in dash-cam footage circulated online, a plain-clothes officer and another officer in uniform pointed guns at two men in the black Mercedes-Benz, ordering them to get out of the car. 

The two men, Lam and Lai, then got out of the car and was subdued on a sidewalk, during which the Ferrari and other police officers arrived at the scene. 

Police uncovered an axel, a 40-centimeter flashlight and a sledgehammer in the trunk of the black Mercedes-Benz. 

In the afternoon, five inspectors combed Repulse Bay’s residential development “The Lily”, and examining CCTV footage from the opposite premise.

Kowloon City Police Crime Unit is looking into the background of the two business persons and the arrestees, and if the case was related to conflicts over money as well as hunting for the driver of the pink Mercedes-Benz.