Staycation for Greater Bay area visitors

Sunday, December 06, 2020

Promote staycation to attract those from the Greater Bay area to stay a night in Hong Kong, said Tourism Board Executive Director Dane Cheng Ting-ya who advocates repositioning of the city's tourism industry in the long run.

Amid the continuing pandemic, most travelers are barred from entering Hong Kong, leading the daily visitor number to plunge from the usual 200,000 to 300 recently.

Speaking on a radio program, Cheng described the current situation for the travel industry as “desolate”.

“When the epidemic is not controlled... across the globe, it will be hard for the travel industry to revive,” Cheng said.

Cheng said when the epidemic situation has been stabilized and the border reopens, hotels in Hong Kong can consider providing flexible arrangements for check-in and check-out to attract mainlanders from nearby Greater Bay cities for a staycation.

He added the number of visitors from the Greater Bay cities has always been high and many came for business purposes for a day trip.

The city can also mull over its long-term strategy to shape Hong Kong as the door to the Greater Bay area for foreign visitors, Cheng said.

He added many overseas business sectors, especially those from Europe and the US, are interested to know more about the Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong is a convenient gateway for overseas visitors to enter other Greater Bay cities through land crossings.