Police to appeal for court verdict on cops ID display

Saturday, November 21, 2020

The police would file an appeal against a court verdict which ruled that allowing officers to go on duty without displaying a unique identification violates a human rights bill, Police Commissioner Christ Tang Ping-keung said. 

The force would stop using operational call signs to identify officers until the legal procedures are completed. 

Tang told the press this morning that he respects the court's verdict, but the force has decided to appeal after discussions with the Department of Justice. He stressed operational call signs, used to replace officers' identification numbers and prevent doxxing, are unique and identifiable. 

On Thursday, the High Court ruled that officers failing to show identification number during operations go against the Bill of Rights that protects citizens against torture and cruel treatment. 

Justice Anderson Chow Ka-ming also said the existing mechanism to tackle police complaints fails to full requirements under the bill when delivering the verdict to judicial reviews challenging 
police officers' failures to show identification numbers during the unrest triggered by the anti-fugitive bill protests last year.