HK court bans "doxxing” of judicial officers

Friday, October 30, 2020

A court in Hong Kong has banned people from disclosing a wide range of personal information about judicial officers and their families, including names and photos.

Hong Kong’s High Court issued the temporary court order today, after the police force found acts of “doxxing” – the publication of private information online – were also seen for judicial officers including judges.

The injunction includes a broad ban on “intimidating, molesting, harassing, threatening, pestering or interfering” with any judicial officers or their family members.

The court agreed to a temporary order, which will last for 14 days till November 13, pending a longer legal hearing.

A spokesman of the Department of Justice said they have noticed netizens have been posting personal information of certain judges after they are not pleased with the rulings of some of the court cases involving last year’s social unrest.

The ban would prevent further undermining of the independence of the judiciary and public confidence in the administration of justice, the spokesman added.