Goni intensified to super typhoon

Friday, October 30, 2020

Severe Typhoon Goni has intensified into a super typhoon. At noon, Goni was centered about 1200 kilometers east of Manila. It is forecast to move west at about 15 kilometers per hour in the general direction of Luzon, said the Hong Kong Observatory.

The northeast monsoon will persist over the south China coast in the next few days. Weather will be generally fine over the region.

Meanwhile, Tropical Cyclone Goni will move in the general direction of Luzon in the next couple of days. It will then enter the central part of the South China Sea.

The band of clouds associated with Goni will affect the northern part of the South China Sea midweek next week.

Another surge of the northeast monsoon is expected to reach southern China late next week.

Besides, Tropical Cyclone Atsani over the western North Pacific will move across the seas east of the Philippines in the next few days and intensify gradually. Its subsequent movement and intensity remain uncertain.

Sunny periods in today’s afternoon and will be mainly cloudy tonight. Mainly fine and dry weather is forecasted for the next few days.-Photo: HKO