Hainan on alert for typhoon

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Typhoon Saudel has escalated into a severe tropical storm and is heading towards Hainan, the local meteorological service said today, Xinhua reports.

The typhoon was observed over waters 430 kilometers east of Sansha City's Yongxing island in Hainan at 8:00am, according to the provincial meteorological department.

The department expects the typhoon to move northwestward at a speed of 10 km per hour and continue to gain strength, with a maximum wind force of 118.8 km per hour.

It will move toward the central and northern coasts of Vietnam after brushing past or making landfall in south Hainan on Saturday night, according to the department.

Saudel is expected to bring torrential downpours and strong winds to Hainan from Friday to Sunday. The provincial government has launched a level-IV emergency response in preparation for the storm.