Uni student union condemns 'Lennon Wall' destruction

Sunday, September 27, 2020

The University of Hong Kong's Campus TV has uploaded photos and clips on its social networking sites showing a university 'Lennon Wall' being destroyed by a group of outsiders, RTHK reports,

Footage showed members of the group pulling down messages and posters, while at least one person tried to stop the incident being filmed by using an umbrella.

The university's students' union has issued a statement condemning the incident.

A University of Hong Kong spokesman said that at about 7:00 pm around 30 people walked into the university from the MTR station and tore down the posters. He said the individuals left when security guards arrived.

Lennon walls, named after the late singer and activist John Lennon, are locations where people can place individual notes or posters, that typically express support for a cause or political grievances. They have been used extensively by the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong during the Occupy campaign and the anti-government protests.