631m yuan ill-gotten gains seized from graft-accused ex-Shaanxi party cadre

Friday, July 31, 2020

China's top disciplinary watchdog confiscated more than 631 million yuan worth cash and properties illegally obtained by Zhao Zhengyong, an ex-senior official of northwestern Shaanxi province, according to a statement released by China's Central Discipline Inspection Commission on Wednesday.

Zhao, former Communist Party secretary of Shaanxi, went on trial on Monday in northern Tianjin municipality for bribey, state media reported. He is being prosecuted for taking bribes of more than 717 million yuan, including 100 million yuan-worth of residential properties and stocks, which have been confiscated by the Central Discipline Inspection Commission, according to the statement.
The confiscated properties and money will be handled in accordance with the sentence made by judicial authorities according to relevant laws and regulations.