MTRC says water seepage in Hung Hom Station expansion project 'not uncommon'

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Water seepage at the "North South Corridor" floor of the Hung Hom Station expansion project is "not uncommon," the MTR Corporation said.

A rumor said yesterday there has been groundwater seepage at the floor since June, and that the tracks were flooded and the groundwater, suspected to be mixed with seawater, contained salt.

The MTRC said water seepage was mainly in surfaces of the diaphragm walls and that it was quickly drained through the drainage system of the station and did not accumulate on the tracks and nearby facilities.

It pointed out that it is not uncommon to see a certain degree of water seepage in the same type of underground structure projects and that the design and construction of diaphragm walls have taken the water seapage factor into consideration.

The railway operator also said it has arranged the contractor to repair locations of water seepage by grouting and it is expected that the work will be completed in the next two to three months.

Engineering staff have also taken sample of the water and found that it contained salt. After anti-seepage measures were implemented, water seepage will not affect the predetermined functions of the steel bars in terms of rust resistance and tensile strength.

The MTRC stressed that it will continue to monitor the situation and if water seepage is found again, it will stop it as soon as possible.