Helena Wong says she won't take part in Legco election after losing in primaries

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Democratic Party lawmaker, Helena Wong Pik-wan, said she will not take part in September's Legislative Council election after preliminary results of the pro-democracy primaries show that she came seventh out of nine in Kowloon West.

Speaking to the media this afternoon, the 61-year-old admitted defeat in the primaries. Wong said she respects voters' choice and that her performance may not be perfect during her term of office, but she has already done her best.

She said she will focus on supporting other party members in the Legco election and will continue to serve Hong Kong people in other places. She also said the primaries is “the toughest battle of her life,” and that being able to serve as a lawmaker in Kowloon West is “the greatest honor in life.”