One more man from Luk Chuen Estate cluster infected with Covic-19

Saturday, June 13, 2020

A 33-year-old man living at Lek Yuen Estate in Sha Tin has tested positive with Covid-19, bringing the infection tally from the cluster to nine and totaling the city's coronavirus cases to 1,109. 

Sources said the man is a neighbor of the 1084th case, a female patient who was also the first case detected from the cluster. Both lived on the eighth floor of Luk Chuen House, the center of infection in the public housing estate. 

The Centre of Health Protection said the man lives in room 10 of the same floor as the 34-year-old woman who was diagnosed with the disease on May 31.

He was admitted to Prince of Wales Hospital with a fever, following health officials' decision to evacuate residents living in flats numbered 10 and 12 across 14 floors of the same building on June 4. 

His deep throat saliva sample showed negative results at first, but he remained in the hospital due to persisted fever and pneumonia. He took  a bronchoscopy yesterday and was confirmed infected. Officials said his condition is stable. 

The Center of Health Protection added that the man had been hospitalized since June 4 and prior to the evacuation, he seldom went out. His close contacts – two brothers and his mother – were also sent to a quarantine center on June 4. 

Both his brothers developed fevers the day they were sent to undergo quarantine but were not infected with the virus after testing at the Prince of Wales Hospital, while their mother was asymptomatic. Three of them are now still staying in quarantine centers. 

Leading microbiologist Yuen Kwok-yung said the infection might be due to airborne transmission, as people who are infected through droplets would give a positive result in the virus test. 

“There is something happening in Luk Chuen House, tat particles of such a small size infected his lungs but didn't affect his upper respiratory system,” said Yuen. 

"As there is such a patient now, there might be airborne transmission here. How could it be transmitted by air? We still haven’t found the cause yet." Yuen added.