US raises travel alert for HK over higher risk of surveillance

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

The US state Department has raised its travel advisory for Hong Kong to 'Level 2', whcih advises travelers to "exercise increased caution.''

The department advises  increased caution in Hong Kong due to "civil unrest, risk of surveillance, and arbitrary enforcement of laws other than maintaining law and order.''

It says, that U.S. citizens, as well as U.S. Consulate General employees, have been subject to a People’s Republic of China propaganda campaign falsely accusing the United States of fomenting unrest in Hong Kong.  

The People’s Republic of China will impose national security legislation on Hong Kong. According to the Hong Kong government, the legislation’s intent is to target acts of secession or subversion of state power, the organization or carrying out of terrorist activities, and activities interfering with the Hong Kong’s internal affairs by foreign or external forces.  U.S. citizens traveling or residing in Hong Kong may be subject to increased levels of surveillance, as well as arbitrary enforcement of laws for purposes other than maintaining law and order, the State Department advises.