Singaporean sick on Norwegian Jewel cruise ship in Sydney

Friday, February 14, 2020

A passenger on board a cruise ship that docked in Sydney harbour in the  morning today has reportedly been taken for testing for a possible case of novel coronavirus that emerged in China's Wuhan.

The Guardian reports that the Singaporean national fell ill with a respiratory illness and was taken from the Norwegian Jewel shortly after it docked at the international passenger terminal at Circular Quay at 6:00am.

The man is being tested as a precaution. He has not yet been confirmed as having the virus.

Other passengers have been allowed to disembark from the ship, after earlier being kept on board as a precaution.

The Norwegian Jewel, registered in the Bahamas, is a 15-year-old cruise ship with a capacity of nearly 2,400 passengers.

It departed from Dunedin four days ago, having been sailing between ports in New Zealand.

The cruise ship operator has been contacted for comment.