Renewable home power plan draws thousands, CLP says

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Local power company CLP said it had received more than 4,300 applications in response to its scheme that buys electricity generated from off-the-grid solar or wind power systems, RTHK reports. 
The company said it has approved 80 percent of the applications, enough to produce green power for 15,000 homes and to reduce carbon emissions by around 30,000 tons a year.
CLP said that since the feed-in-tariff program was launched in May last year, there has been an enthusiastic response from the public.
Reacting to CLP's announcement, Greenpeace's Frances Yeung said authorities should push more such plans. 
She also said it is quite encouraging that the applicants came from a wide range of backgrounds. 
“I think it is really a good start, showing that the market really responded to the Feed-in-Tariff policy very positively,” she told RTHK’s Richard Pyne. 
“We can see that applicants come from a wide range of backgrounds. There are schools, there are communities, there are businesses as well, so you can see this policy is really attractive to many sectors of people in Hong Kong,” she said. 
The government had said renewable energy could only provide 3 or 4 per cent of the energy mix of the SAR, given what it called the lack of “favourable conditions for large-scale commercialised renewable energy generation”. 
But Yeung said the government can take the data and set a more ambitious target for renewable energy for the city to adopt in future. 
"The government has always said Hong Kong has some potential to develop renewable energy in Hong Kong, but it is only talking about the potential. The government has not really turned it into a compulsory target for the city to follow,” she noted. 
“I think the government should take a step forward seeing the positive response. So, why not have a target so that we can really put driving force [behind it]?”