Benny Tai, Chan Kin-man jailed for 16 months

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Occupy movement co-founders Benny Tai and Chan Kin-man were jailed for 16 months today for conspiracy to cause a public nuisance, while Chu Yiu-ming was given a suspended prison term considering his health and age, RTHK reports. 
Tai and Chan were also sentenced to another eight months on a charge of inciting others to cause a public nuisance. It was not immediately clear if the two sentences would be served concurrently.
Before handing down the punishment, Judge Johnny Chan said the public deserves an apology from the defendants but they have never received one. 
He also said that the defendants should express regret for the inconvenience and suffering caused to the public during the pro-democracy protests in 2014.
The incitement, if acted upon, could cause excessive damage and inconvenience which doesn’t fall within the parameters of civil disobedience, he said.
The judge also said that the incitement did not fall within in the parameters of civil disobedience identified in Joshua Wong's case.
Defendants only looked up to their aspiration for universal suffrage but failed to notice ordinary people have to travel on the road to make a living, the judge said.
The law professor had claimed earlier that the protests, which started in September 2014 and lasted 79 days, had awakened Hong Kong people to the significance of democracy, and the value of civil disobedience.-Photo: RTHK