(New Zealand shootings) Christchurch tense

Friday, March 15, 2019

A Hawke's Bay man who moved to Christchurch three years ago to study says his campus is in lockdown amidst a "very surreal" atmosphere after multiple shootings in the city.

Napier man Caleb Story, who's studying at Canterbury University, said the university campus was in lockdown after gunmen opened fire at mosques in Christchurch, with at least six people believed to have been killed and police urging residents to stay indoors, the New Zealand Herald reports.

A body has been seen lying near Al Noor Mosque in central Christchurch and a second gunman has been seen near Linwood Masjid mosque.

There are reports of a third active shooting unfolding outside Christchurch Hospital.

"It's very surreal," Story, 20, said.

"Lectures are cancelled for the near future and we're allowed to leave the buildings but not re-enter so it's a sort of leave campus at your own risk situation. It doesn't feel as though an incident like this should be happening this close to home."

Story said he couldn't see outside to see if police were on campus but university security staff were "going nuts.''

Napier's Lisa Parkes, currently working in Christchurch city is completely unnerved by the events happening not far from where she works.

"We are staying indoors, because of what's happened. We don't know where the shooter is and it is very reminiscent of what happened in Napier. It is pretty unnerving and the main concern is myself."

Photo: Broadcast Media/NZH