Hospital Authority to boost clerical worker numbers

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Hospital Authority is planning to hire hundreds of clerks in the next few years to help take some of the administrative burden on nurses at public hospitals, RTHK reports.

Frontline staff have long complained that they are often pushed to the limit when handling a flood of patients during the winter flu season. To make things worse, they often have to deal with administrative duties at the same time.

To address their concerns, the Hospital Authority said it is planning to hire 420 administrative assistants over the next three years. It said it will also try to rearrange meetings to less busy periods.

The authority is also launching a pilot scheme offering flexible working hours to doctors at emergency wards and family medicine units, to attract talent who can't commit to full-time work.

In a paper submitted to Legco today, the authority also said it is planning to hire more than 500 doctors and 2,200 nurses in the coming year.