Trudeau's 'political correctness' hit

Chalk it up to youth and inexperience.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Chalk it up to youth and inexperience.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted he shouldn't be making stupid jokes in public, after a recent quip prompted the scorn of conservative commentators in the United States and elsewhere.

During a town hall in Edmonton, Trudeau interrupted a woman after she used the word "mankind" -- saying he preferred "peoplekind" instead. Critics quickly accused him of being too politically correct.

The incident was the 46-year-old's latest attempt at failed humor.

"You all know that I don't necessarily have the best of track records on jokes. I made a dumb joke a few days ago that seems to have gone a little viral," he confessed, referring to the "peoplekind" remark.

"It played well in the room and in context. Out of context it doesn't play so well and it's a little reminder to me that I shouldn't be making jokes even when I think they're funny."

Commentators have complained Trudeau lacks the dignity and seriousness required of a national leader.