Couple brandishing long knife, metal rod in video arrested

Top News | Charlotte Luo 17 Sep 2019

A couple who allegedly brandished a long knife and a metal rod during a standoff with protesters outside a Sha Tin mall have been arrested.

The couple, seen in videos apparently holding the knife and rod, are said to have claimed that they found the weapons at the protest scene.

Their case came under the spotlight after they reported to police yesterday that paint was splashed at their door and gate.

The night before, they were believed to have been involved in a standoff with protesters who had gathered in New Town Plaza to sing Glory to Hong Kong and chant slogans.

An argument broke out between the woman and the protesters in Citylink Plaza, which is connected to New Town Plaza.

A video shows security guards escorting the woman, who is carrying a purse, to an escalator and then a gate, where her husband awaits. Some people are gathered at the gate.

Another video shows the couple standing outside the gate, facing a group of people. The husband is holding a metal rod and the woman is holding a long knife.

Another online clip shows the couple standing beside a BMW vehicle holding the same weapons.

Some people claimed they saw the man pull out the rod from a BMW vehicle to intimidate people, who responded by pointing flashlights at the couple. The couple later got into the vehicle and drove away.

Web users who had taken note of the vehicle's license plate found the couple's public housing address in Lei Muk Shue Estate, Kwai Chung. Police received a report that the door and gate of a unit there was sprayed with black paint at around noon yesterday.

When officers arrived, they saw a man in his 20s in the building. They intercepted him and found a bottle of red spray paint on him. He was arrested on the spot.

The woman told police she also received several harassing calls yesterday morning.

Recalling the incident from the night before, she said she was talking to her husband on the phone when some people suspected she was filming them.

She also said she just found a knife in the street and picked it up to defend herself. "It must have been left by thugs," along with the rod, she said.

The woman said she was a restaurant owner and a coach driver whose livelihood has been affected by the protests. She said her husband also works in a restaurant. She denied they had any links to triads.

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