Eight years for 'triad' rapist in kill-family threat

Local | Jane Cheung 10 Sep 2019

Jane Cheung

A self-proclaimed gangster was yesterday imprisoned for eight years for raping a 23-year-old woman, which caused her to become pregnant, and threatened to kill her family.

An accomplice, who helped threaten the woman, was sentenced to 33 months behind bars.

Tsang Yau-tik, 29, who claimed to be gangster, was earlier found guilty of rape, claiming to be a triad member and criminal intimidation. His accomplice, Wong Yuen-kwong, 32, pleaded guilty to procurement by threats.

High Court Justice Joseph Yau Chi-lap said the victim, identified as X in court, has been ashamed after the rape and attempted to commit suicide last year.

"She is always afraid others will discover her suffering and has been living a two-faced life, covering up her fragile inner side with a calm and normal appearance," he said.

She had rejected Tsang's advances repeatedly for over five years. Then, after the rape, she had an abortion. DNA tests proved Tsang was responsible for her pregnancy.

Yau said X has since lost her confidence in men and having to testify in court added to the trauma she had suffered. The ordeal also led her to think she does not deserve to find love and that her life has been ruined.

He criticized Tsang for taking advantage of his physical strength to rape X while also lambasting him for not using a condom.

The court had heard Tsang is married and has an 18-month-old son but is unemployed.

In mitigation, his relatives described him as "a good husband, a good son and a good brother." But Yau rejected such views as being no more than excuses in an attempt for a shorter sentence.

The court was told previously that X got to know Tsang six years ago via a friend of her ex-boyfriend.

Tsang ended up calling and messaging her repeatedly, asking her to be his girlfriend and for them to go on dates.

But she refused all his advances and old him she didn't want to be his girlfriend.

On January 1 last year, X got a WeChat message from Tsang, which said: "If you don't meet me your entire family will die."

Worried for her family, X went to a Tsuen Wan hotel with Tsang where he asked her to be his girlfriend again. He also claimed to be a gangster.

Wong, who was also in the hotel room, helped threaten X and said if she rejected Tsang she would be raped by both of them.


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