Invisible camera has drivers searching

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 12 Aug 2019

A mysterious "ghost" traffic cop has been nabbing motorists.

When schools are closed, North Point's Braemar Hill district is so deserted that drivers often cross the double-white lines to overtake buses.

But then one motorist received a notice in the mail that police had filmed him breaking the law and he would have points added to his license.

"But there was no one there," he told neighbors.

Another motorist had the same experience.

This reporter, who lives nearby, scanned the street for places police could hide but found none. Nor were there any secret surveillance cameras anywhere.

In recent weeks, at least three more residents were caught by the ghost filmmaker and one was sentenced to take a safe driving course.

Where was the invisible traffic cop standing?

Residents finally clicked - the cameras were on the buses they were overtaking.

* * *

Ping! A Hong Kong government press release arrived on my phone yesterday about unsafe waves: "Red flags hoisted at several beaches."

By coincidence I read it while driving through King's Road in North Point - and men were hoisting big red flags there, too. (But those had little yellow stars.)

If you highlight the words "red flag" on your phone, the built-in dictionary helpfully explains: "A sign of danger."

* * *

"Daddy, daddy, why are all those people marching?"

"They are protesting against the number of children in Hong Kong who are not eating their vegetables, darling."

I mean parents might as well make use of the protests, right?

* * *

The "destruction of the Hong Kong economy" has become a specific goal of the protests, as mentioned in a press conference on Saturday. I take back my earlier statement that the protesters are brilliant at PR.

* * *

Hoteliers are furious with the loss of international tourists because of the protests.

But that cloud had a small silver lining for some.

"People who live near the police stations in Tseung Kwan O, Wong Tai Sin, et cetera, are booking into hotels for the nights the protesters rally near their homes," said my source.

* * *

Some genius put up the pictured chart in the office toilet so that you can check out how healthy you are. Except it is photocopied in black and white. "So no one's on the chart unless they have grey urine," said the reader who sent it to me.

* * *

Protesters last week argued that laser pointers are safe gadgets that they would never use to try to harm anyone - and then went right back to trying to fry cops' eyes with them at the weekend. Sigh.

* * *

Reader Keat To was one of many people who noticed the dramatic drop in protester numbers. "Only about 800 people joined in the illegal march in Tai Po today," he told me on Saturday.

"Or 10,000 if you ask the fiction writer who provides the 'organizers' claim'," added Edmund CK Law.

* * *

A mathematically minded reader named Karen Yu plotted a graph which showed that the numbers of protesters should dwindle to a few hundred by mid-September. "Then I remembered that China's birthday is on October 1," she said. "They'll all come out to celebrate."

* * *

Quote of the day comes from a married man named Joe: "My wife says I never listen to her or something like that, I wasn't really paying attention."

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