Shock, pain, frustration recalled

Top News | Sophie Hui 23 Jul 2019

People recounted the horror of being attacked by a "brutal and violent" mob in white T-shirts at MTR Yuen Long Station.

The alleged triad members targeted people dressed in black - the color worn by fugitive bill protesters - while also beating up other passengers with metal sticks and bats on the platform and inside trains on Sunday night.

At least 45 people were injured and sent to hospitals. Among them was former TVB anchor Ryan Lau Chun-kong, who received eight stitches after he was beaten by six people, including one who had a bat.

A news photojournalist of Now TV was attacked and injured while his video camera was damaged.

A female reporter of The Stand News was hit on the shoulder and back of her head during a live broadcast.

She received four stitches on her right shoulder and was admitted to hospital for observation.

Lau said he went to Yuen Long to help transport youngsters away from the station. He was saved when someone shouted he was getting killed.

"I saw innocent citizens in Yuen Long getting beaten up, and had no one to turn to for help. As a Hongkonger, I could only try my best to help them to leave," Lau said on Facebook yesterday.

He had taken three youngsters back to their home and then returned to see if more people needed his help. Lau said he saw a young man being beaten by several people, and rushed to his aid. Instead he was hit by a bat before five to six men ganged up on him.

A picture posted online shows Lau covered in blood as he sat on the floor. He also uploaded a photo of his bloody jeans, while saying he had bruises on his body.

A medical worker, surnamed Chan, who witnessed the chaos in the station, criticized police for arriving late.

"I don't understand where the police were," Chan said.

"After they arrived, they didn't answer us and even scolded us, saying they were working.

"Is there no rule of law now? I don't understand why the Hong Kong government can tolerate such incidents. I don't believe there is no collusion between the government, business people and the triads."

She recalled that a pregnant woman who fell became emotional as she had been separated from her husband in the confusion.

Democratic Party legislator Lam Cheuk-ting was inside a train carriage when his head was hit by a bat, and he needed 18 stitches for his wounds. He said the attackers were "brutal and violent."

Police did not perform their duties, he said, adding he did not see any officer an hour after reporting the incident.

He said police "allowed the triads to destroy the social order in Hong Kong, and challenged the rule of law."

Passenger Yeung said she saw officers walk by ignoring what was happening.

She called police three times, but said no one came.

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