Glasgow family caught in mayhem sets record straight

Top News | Staff Reporter 17 Jul 2019

A visiting Glasgow family of five thanked police and the media for leading them safely back to their hotel during Sunday's mayhem at New Town Plaza.

This came after a photo of the family fleeing the Sha Tin mall was described by web users as police assaulting bystanders during the melee.

The father, Michael Man, dismissed the online speculation and thanked cops and a reporter for keeping them safe.

"The girls are mentally and physically fine," he wrote on Facebook yesterday, with a picture of him with three girls smiling.

"They have been taught a valuable lesson in life that fighting and violence cannot solve problems."

He also posted a picture of his family, this time including his wife, at the departure hall of the Hong Kong International Airport.

Man said it was certainly an experience he would not want to go through again, especially with his daughters. But the family remains positive that this little blip would not spoil their holiday, he wrote, adding they would come back to Hong Kong.

Man and two of his daughters were captured running next to a riot police armed with a long shield and a baton.

The picture circulated on social media platforms and online forums in the past few days, along with another picture showing a press photographer taking the hand of the father, leading them to safety.

One Facebook post said: "Police beat citizens regardless of whether they are old or young, causing chaos in the mall." Another said: "These two children are not thugs, but police chased after this family, wanting to beat them."

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